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Obstetrics is an area of medical practice focused on pregnancy and childbirth. Obstetricians are also trained in all areas of general gynecology and can provide the care you need during the postpartum process and beyond.

The obstetricians at New Life OB/GYN view their role throughout your pregnancy as a trusted medical partner. Your doctor works with you to ensure that both you and your baby remain as healthy as possible as you move through the stages of pregnancy.

Prenatal care encompasses the full scope of medical services you need during your pregnancy. While there are some basic aspects of prenatal care that all expectant mothers need, your care plan at New Life OB/GYN is designed to suit your specific set of needs and can be augmented if those needs change.

Some of the services provided during prenatal care focus on ensuring your body is ready to withstand the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth. Your obstetrician can advise you on the best diet and exercise habits to keep you feeling your best. You’ll also receive prenatal vitamins to deliver the nutrients you and your baby need to thrive.

A big part of prenatal care focuses on assessing your baby’s development. During each visit, you’ll be weighed and measured to check your progress. Ultrasound and other tools give your obstetrician more details about your baby’s development.

There are also many screening tools that can look for signs of genetic or developmental problems. Your doctor advises you on the screenings best suited for your needs, as well as the timing of those tests.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of great prenatal care is the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. Each pregnancy is unique, even for mothers who’ve already gone through the experience. Having a trusted expert to turn to can help relieve stress and allow you to focus on preparing to welcome your newest family member.

The best time to begin prenatal care is before you’ve even conceived. Coming in for pre-pregnancy screenings and services is a great way to make sure your body is ready for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

You should schedule a prenatal exam as soon as you learn or suspect you’re pregnant. Prenatal screening can determine if your pregnancy is considered high risk. If so, your obstetrician can provide the right level of care to address your specific needs.